Candidates for Black Students Officer 2017

Friday 05-05-2017 - 11:59

Nominations have closed for Black Students' Officerand we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

The candidates for the position of Black Students' Officer, who will be elected duringBlack StudentsConference, are as follows:

Ayo Akinrele
Liverpool Hope University

AYO #1 4 BSO

I'm Ayo, Vice President Welfare & Community at Liverpool Hope Students Union.
Born to Nigerian parents in Hackney, North-East London - times were hard, but I have been fortunate enough to have opportunites to get jobs and have an education.
Our movement needs to become a space that educates and comforts, mitigating for all the crap that we go throup as people of colour, on a day-to-day basis.
Vote for me and I will work my butt off to smash the BME attainment gap, make BME students mroe employable and defend them tirelessly against institutional racism!

Nominated by:

1. Amnah Ahmed, Liverpool Hope
2. Kelly Smith, University of Brighton
3. Aleem Bashir, University of Bradford
4. Zainab Donli, University of Surrey
5. Jordan Stephen, University of Birmingham
6. Sarah Serungoki, UAL
7. Rojan Subramani, Edinburgh Napier
8. Mohamed Sadurdeen, University of Nottingham
9. Abdi Saed, City of Liverpool College
10. Ritchie Meretighan-Obe, Ravensbourne SU

Plain Text Manifesto

Tara Alade
University of Bedfordshire

My Name is Tara Alade, running to be the next Black students’ Officer.

Experience of working both nationally in National Executive Council and locally as President in my Students’ Union supporting the empowerment and advancement of Black students, to enable many to find the power and potential.

#BlackExcellence must continue to be recognised and disseminated within our campaign now more than ever, there is a need for us to play a pivotal role in shaping our movement as one voice.

I stand on my record of success to challenge the status quo for a united, communal and powerful campaign.

Nominated by:

1. Amatey Doku, University of Cambridge
2. Bruna Silva, Teeside University
3. Nicola Hemmings, University of Bedfordshire
4. Cynthia Ochoga, University of Salford
5. Kelechi Anyaoha, Cranfield University
6. Tunde Toki, London Met
7. Abdi Duake, GSM London
8. Lilian Oliveira, UWLSU
9. Adebowale Adebiyi, Coventry University
10. Cynthia Exekiel, Herts University

Ilyas Nagdee
University of Manchester

Nominated by:

1.Rahman Mohammadi - Barnfield College
2. Cosob Awil - Woodhouse College
3. Hansika Jethnani - UAL
4. Hareem Ghani - NUS
5. Jasmina Bide - LSE
6. Renaye Sinclair - UCLAN
7. Sarah Lasoye - St. George's University
8. Sahadev Joshi - Reading University
9. Simranjit Sahota - University of Strathclyde
10. Savannah Sevenzo - University of Sussex

Barbara Ntumy
London Metropolitan University

I stand for the unity of students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent in the face of rising racism, Islamophobia and cuts. I will build our movement, strengthen our voice and challenge hate crime rising due to the toxic politics of hatred and division boosted by Brexit, Trump and Theresa May.

I am proud of championing our unity - a formidable alliance for stronger representation and against racism. I am standing for NUS Black Students’ Officer on a record of building a national fighting movement.

Nominated by:

1. Aadam Muuse, NUS
2. Shuwanna Aaron, University of Edinburgh
3. Umal Kotwal, Warwick University
4. Fadumo Jamale, Bournemouth University
5. Busayo Twins, LSE
6. Sanjay Lago, Royal Conservative of Scotland
7. Adisha Elijio, Sussex Coast College
8. Aphtodita Darmadi, University of Bradford
9. Tadiwa Samuriwo, Walsall College
10. Olufunmilola Olaosebikan, University of Bedfordshire

Plain Text Manifesto

Shóyemí Pépèr-Hadé SHÓYEMÍ
University of Greenwich

I was born in Lagos Nigeria to Yoruba Parents.
I am a second-year Mathematical Science Student University of Greenwich.
Citizen Advice Bureau advisor
Chair Branch Labour Party
Student Council member
USDAW Representative
IDEA Debate Coach at Hackney Community College London.
Founder BAME Unified Society University of Greenwich founded to promote equality, valuing diversity and encourage inclusion.
BAME Students Officer-elect University of Greenwich to represent the view of over 10001 Greenwich Student.
If elected, I will focus on equality in education, black representation, anti-racism and anti-fascism, international peace & justice, and equalities of opportunities in all ramifications.

Nominated by:

1. Agnes Thiongo, New Vic
2. Adebowale Talabi, Staffordshire University
3. Omedele Akinleye, Sandwell College
4. Eniola Adeyemi, University of Kent
5. Neneh Tunis, University of Greenwich
6. Damilola Junaid, University of Westminster
7. T Dina, Aston University
8. Daniel Okwuokenye, Hackney Community College
9. Charles Uzodinma, UEL
10. David Thiongo, Oxford Brookes University

Plain Text Manifesto

Re open nominations (RON)


Black, Shape Our Work

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