#BursaryOrBust: join the Week of Action to save NHS bursaries

Thursday 04-02-2016 - 14:33

Not content with scrapping maintenance grants for the poorest students, the government also wants to scrap NHS bursaries for student nurses, midwives and allied health professions and replace them with loans.

NUS is supporting the #BursaryOrBust campaign to demand that the government reverse its decision to scrap these bursaries which are vital to students, and to our NHS.

For more information about the proposed changes see this briefing. Further NUS briefings on the background and how to win the arguments with MPs will be available shortly.

We’ll be developing opportunities for you to drive this campaign. If your students’ union wants to be involved in leading this campaign please email

As part of the process, the government will be launching their consultation on the implementation of these changes in the next few weeks – we’ll keep SUs in touch on this as we have more information.

Here are five things students’ unions can do now:

  1. Take part in the week of action next week, February 8-12. For further information see the Unison website
  2. Set up meetings with your VC and/or Deans (you can use the template letter here)
  3. Support your students to liaise with the university to ensure there are clear statements about participation in a walkout or other actions. We’ve worked with UNISON to develop this  guidance for students on taking action
  4. You can support your nursing students and societies by setting up a meeting with the local UNISON branch and the Royal College of Nurses/ Royal College of Midwives using the guidance available.
  5. An Early Day Motion on NHS bursaries is expected to be tabled in Parliament shortly – contact your MP and ask them to sign it when available, and also to meet with you to discuss the impact this change will have on students at your institution.



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