Build a visual wall of Youth Issues for our next Day of Action.

Thursday 22-01-2015 - 13:32

For our Day of Action on Youth Issues on Thursday 29 January, we want students to visualise the barriers to engaging with education by building a wall of obstacles and then break them down by being a part of #GenerationVote.

In the run up to the General Election, NUS is holding fortnightly Days of Action covering the key themes across the New Deal in which we’re supporting students’ unions to campaign on the issues your students care most about locally. On Thursday 29 January, we’re shining a spotlight on youth issues.

Young people are repeatedly blocked out of education and locked out of services that support them. We want a government and political system that values the opinions of young people, helps them shape civil society, and fundamentally invests in their future.

The Issues

There are numerous issues affecting young people when it comes to accessing education and taking part in civil society. We believe that things such as Votes at 16, adequately funded youth services, the introduction of compulsory basic citizenship education and SRE and free bus travel for 16 to 19 year olds could all widen access to opportunities for young people. If our asks are met by those in power, we will start to see real social progress, first for young people in education but secondly for society as a whole.

Take action on Thursday 29 January

The action is simple, we want students to create a visual wall of all the barriers to engagement they face. You could concentrate on one issue, the issues in our campaign briefing or wider issues that affect them as young people.

Each brick your students create should identify the issue and the consequence, for example ‘The cost of the daily bus ticket means I sometimes can’t afford food at college’ or ‘The closure of my local youth club has meant I now don’t have a safe space to access information about relationships’.

During the day, encourage students to build you wall somewhere visual in your institution. Every time a student adds a brick with an issue, take a photo of it and tweet it using the #GenerationVote hash tag and mention your institution.

Encourage students taking part to register to vote and to speak to their local MP and PPCs who are running in the General Election to ensure youth issues are on the elections agenda in your area. Your union could also keep the photos and present them to your local MP.

Here’s one our staff made earlier:

Other ways your students’ union can get involved

There are other ways your SU could participate in the Day of Action, including:

Need more information?

You can find more information on our upcoming Days of Action online here or by getting in touch with


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