Bud Light is here!

Wednesday 03-05-2017 - 09:53

This product is a recruiter lager for the category. Its 3.5% abv. and you'll know it as a brand with high awareness that resonates with young consumers. It is on LT Plus all year with a £8 per barrel retro.

Bud Light is available on draught only in the on-trade and is a strong premium standard choice for your bars. It is a product that will be in the LT Plus calendar for all periods in the 17/18 year as an entry level revitalised standard lager.

You can claim your free POS kit below .  The kit will only be sent on install so please detail when you would like this to take place and we will send this to INBEV to manage.

The kit is worth £750 and is really very generous. It contains metal wall signs and neon signs. The field sales team for Bud Light will also call to assist you in activating the product in outlet.


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