Board round-up Quarter 2

Thursday 15-01-2015 - 13:31

Between 27 November and 16 December the NUS Group Boards completed the second cycle of meetings.

During the year the NUS UK Board, NUS Services Board and NUS SU Charitable Services Board meet at least 4 times per year, a meeting falling in each quarter. Following these meetings the Chairs of the Boards provide a summary of the key items discussed at the meetings.

You can find out more about how each of the Boards work and interrelate by visiting our Shape Our work pages. Further to this you can get involved in these Boards and the subcommittees yourself. To discover the opportunities that are suitable for you visit our Get Involved Pages.

The Boards will begin the third cycle of this year’s meetings on the 2 February, running until the 5 March, after which the key items will be shared again.

To read the full summary click here.

To read the minutes of the NUS UK board visit the minute’s page.


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