Black women: self and collective care

Monday 23-10-2017 - 08:30

It's essential to recognise the invaluable work of black women in all areas of the student movement, and support them to undertake self and collective care. The NUS Women’s Campaign launches a resource to do just that.

Download our new workshop on self and collective care for black women.

This Black History Month, it's essential we recognise the invaluable work of black women in all areas of our student movement. Across our further and higher education institutions, as full-time officers and in unpaid positions, the labour of black women is routinely undermined if not completely forgotten.

The toll this takes can wear us down to a point of complete emotional exhaustion. And in a society wherein our work, our productivity, and the life we provide to so many movements already goes unrecognised, there is nothing that leaves us to expect our bodies will be cared for either. For years, black women have understood the maintenance of our wellbeing to be something we must do for ourselves, and as a community.

In light of this, NUS Women’s Campaign are incredibly happy to launch a new resource, a Self and Collective Care Workshop for Black Women. This organised session aims to provide space for black women to come together and think through our practices for self-care, as well as the ways in which we can support one another as a community.

Taking the form of a two-hour workshop, the session is intended to be facilitated by and for black women. It can be run on your campus, college and any other student organising space for an intended capacity of up to 25 black women. The workshop can be facilitated by a black woman student at any level - whether you’re a sabbatical or women’s officer or an active student. We hope this workshop will provide an opportunity for black women to gather together in a safe, educational and restorative space.

Check out our workshop today and get in touch with any questions or for support to run women's groups on your campus:  

Sarah Lasoye
NEC 2nd Place Women’s Campaign


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