Beth Button responds to Comprehensive Spending Review

Wednesday 25-11-2015 - 16:56

Responding to the Chancellor’s autumn statement, President of National Union of Students in Wales, Beth Button, welcomed some movement towards protection of the Welsh budget through a “funding floor” announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review, as well as cash-terms protection for further education in England..


But she warned cuts to budgets in England would likely have a “massive” impact on Welsh spending – including an anticipated annual 1.1% real-terms cut to the Welsh grant overall - and called for higher and further education in Wales to be prioritised in the Welsh Government’s Budget next month.


“Cuts to public spending decided in Westminster have already led to the decimation of large swathes of the Welsh post-16 education system,” Ms Button said.


“Reductions to part-time, adult education provision in colleges amount to 50% this year and - given the 46% cut between 2004/05 and 2013/14 - means the sector is struggling to stay afloat.


“NUS Wales will fight further cuts to our institutions, courses and resources, and continue to make the case for public investment in higher and further education and the future generation of this country.”


NUS Wales

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