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Wednesday 02-03-2016 - 12:14

There are some exciting opportunities coming up to get involved in governance and democratic committees at NUS

There are over 200 voluntary roles available in NUS’ governance ranging from being an elected NUS Officer, a council member or an appointed Trustee or subcommittee member



National Councils

The National councils at NUS are the main scrutiny and accountability body for NUS officers. They are responsible for overseeing the political and strategic work of the organisation in between meetings of National and Nations Conferences, scrutinising the work of the zones and making decisions that affect the National Union as a whole. They act as an interim policymaking body between meetings of National and Nations Conferences to discuss issues which need addressing immediately.

Officers of NUS present a report at each meeting and take questions from the council members on their plans of work.


National Executive council (NEC) has 15 students known as the Block of 15 elected at National Conference.

 by 12 Noon Wednesday 23 March 2016.


NUS-USI regional executive committee has nine part time officer positions.


NUS Wales National Executive Committee elected a block of 7 at the Wales Conference.

by8 March 2016.


NUS Scotland nominations have now closed but you can see who is standing here.



The Boards and committees are an important part of the NUS governance processes. Good governance ensures we are running a sound, legal and financially viable organisation.

Being a volunteer on the NUS UK Board is a rewarding experience that enables you to make a difference and have a real impact on improving the lives of students. Not only will volunteering on the Board give you the opportunity to develop new skills in organisational management and development, you will also further develop interpersonal and communication skills by working alongside fellow Board members.


NUS UK Board has 3 volunteer positions available for students on the Board.

by 12 Noon Wednesday 6 April 2016


NUS-USI has 5 volunteer positions on the Board.


Democratic Procedure Committees

The Democratic Procedure Committees facilitate and ensure the smooth running of Conferences. Their role is to be politically neutral and to ensure that the Conference is run fairly and in accordance to the Rules and Articles of NUS. As a DPC member, you are responsible for understanding and enacting the rules and articles of NUS, as well as for promoting accessibility within NUS’ democratic structures. DPC is accountable to the conference rules, and so it’s important to be politically neutral when undertaking your role on the DPC.


NUS UK has 5 volunteer positions available on the Democratic Procedures Committee.

 these positions open and close at National Conference.


NUS Wales has 3 volunteer positions on the Welsh Procedures Committee.

by 8 March 2016.


Other ways to volunteer

Elections to the Services and Charity Direction and Oversight boards will take place in May 2016, there will be a news article and a dedcated space on NUSConnect nearer the time.

Vivit our volunteer pages to find out about other opportunities such as campaigns and sustanability.


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