Aston Students’ Union re-joins NUS

Wednesday 26-11-2014 - 15:35

Students at the University of Aston have voted in favour of their students’ union re-affiliating with NUS.

As part of a wider election held by Aston Students’ Union, the union held a referendum asking the question ‘should the students’ union re-affiliate with NUS?’, which was met by an overwhelming majority of students voting in favour of their students’ union re-joining NUS after a seven year gap in membership.

The result means that Aston Students’ Union become the latest union to NUS’ family of over 600 students’ unions with immediate effect. 

Breakdown of referendum results:
Total number of votes: 660
Votes For: 512
Votes Against: 125
Abstentions: 23

Ben Diffey, President at Aston Students’ Union said, ‘Having discussed re-affiliation for some time it was finally put to the student populous to vote on. The yes vote in my eyes is a fantastic result, and is especially rewarding given how many hours went into the preparation and execution for this referendum. I now look forward to working with NUS’ 

Ahmed Hassan, Union Chair at Aston Students’ Union added, ‘The referendum was a long time coming and we are glad it has finally been put through and the motion passed! Its been seven years since we were part of NUS, so the hard work now is to catch up and re-establish ourselves with the other students’ unions around the country. Without any doubt there is a bright future ahead of Aston Students’ Union with the help of NUS!’

NUS’ Vice President (Union Development) also welcomed the news of NUS’ latest member, ‘After nearly a decade, we’re really pleased that Aston Students’ Union have re-afiliated with NUS. Collectivism makes the student movement stronger and every member makes our union stronger and more representative’.

We encourage you join us in welcoming Aston Students' Union via twitter on @aston_union or by emailing their President, Ben Diffey on


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