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Friday 08-04-2016 - 13:22

National Conference 2016 starts at 12noon on the 19 April 2016 in the Brighton Centre. To make the most of the events delegates should prepare and ensure they know how to access all the information needed.


Key times

Conference registration opens at 9am on the 19 April. Delegates arriving the night before can register early to beat the queues! Registration will be available on the Monday evening between 6pm and 8pm at the Brighton Centre.

Delegates briefing  is on at 10am and repeated at 11am - please ensure you can attend one of these.

Candidates brieifing is on at 10am and repeated at 11am - candidates and campaigning teams please ensure you can attend one of these.

Conference floor opens at 11.30 and Conference officially begins at 12noon.



The agenda and papers can be read on the hub.

They are also available on the GuideBook app:

We strongly recommend you download the app to enhance your experience at National Conference.  You’ll be able to plan your day with a personalised schedule, browse exhibitors and find out general information about the event.

The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads Touches and Android devices.  Windows 7 and Blackberry users can access the same information via the mobile site.

To download the guide, simply choose one of the methods below:

From the Guidebook application, tap "Download Guides" then "Passphrase". Enter the code nusnc2016 and the guide will download to your device!



Elections take place throughout the event and each of the times is published in the order paper. Take some time to read about the candidates before coming to conference. The Elections Committee will be available at the Information Point inbetween elections. Jules Mason is the Chief Returning Officer.

Delegates will be provided with a ballot booklet at registration, do not lose this, ballot booklets will not be replaced.

There will be nominations opening and closing at National conference for Democratic Procedures Committee positions. If you would like to stand for this you can find out more here.


Joining Instructions

Delegates and Observers will receive joining instructions from the Events team next week. Check your inbox to ensure you have received this and take some time to read through them.


Policy debate

The debates happen throughout the event and the Order Paper outlines the times of each debate. The time allocated reflects the number of motions submitted to that Zone and DPC have included some additional time into each of the Zones this year.  The Democratic Procedures Committee manage this debate and they are available on stage left (audience right). You can approach DPC to request procedural motions, parts etc.

Delegates will be provided with a voting card to hold up during the debates. If this is lost then report it immediately to the information point. Credentials will not be replaced for 4 conference hours.

On conference floor delegates are seated within regions.


Delegate Training

If you are a first time delegate or observer or would like a refresher on understanding the delegates role at National Conference we have put together some training.


Fringes and Exhibitions

Throughout the event there are 'fringe breaks' if you do not want to attend one of the fringes this is an opportunity to grab some food or fresh air. Have a look on the order paper to find out which of the fringes you would like to attend.



Visitors will need to come to registration like other delegates. Their access to conference floor will be restricted, they will be able to observe conference from the balcony.


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