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Wednesday 03-10-2018 - 00:00

Are you in the zone yet? Zone Conference 2018 is the second biggest democratic event in the NUS calendar AND a chance for you to set the direction for the road to National Conference. Well, if you’re not, this might help.


Zone Conference is the opportunity for students’ unions to come together to shape our movement’s policy for the year ahead and shape the motions which will go to National Conference.  We’ll be linking local and national campaigns, exploring key themes across our universities, colleges, and communities and bringing you up to speed on each of the zones: Society & Citizenship, Welfare, Union Development, HE and FE.


So we have two new additions for zones this year. First, you asked for training sessions AND this year we have put a programme of training sessions on day two, so all delegates will get the opportunity to choose up to three sessions to attend, from topics such as:




Campaign planning,


Getting policy to and through the conference




Using press to campaign and your rights as an activist.


Secondly, in the past, this has been an event led by NUS but this year we are trying something different, this is not an event about NUS, this is an event about the policies and principles our movement adheres to in the coming years.  We want you to get in the zone and share what the emerging priorities and campaigns are in your campus, cities, and towns so we can identify as a collective, how we can overcome these challenges.  


Through this, we can then build on networks based on your interest, and help you to organise around the issues you think are important, and support you in delivering change.

Interested? Please send the name and description of the campaigns you are working on or will be working on this year to James, at by this Friday 19 October.


Also, do not forget to register. Registration closes on Tuesday 9 October



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