Are black staff and officers able to thrive in your SU?

Thursday 04-01-2018 - 13:20

This January sees the launch of ‘Leadership on Race Equity’ training. This new year, what changes will you make in your union? And what changes can we expect from the course for our student movement?

In 2015 our ‘Race Matters’ report found “18 per cent of Black staff have experienced racism at their union.” We must all ask, what have we done and what will we do to advocate for race equity in our organisations?

As Senior Leaders and CEOs, you are in a position to drive the change we need to see in our student unions. Aidan Grills, Chief Executive at Leeds University Union tells us why he’s attending the Leadership on Race Equity Training:

“I know that I need to equip myself better to ensure that my organisation and its people are doing all we can to contribute to the change needed in this area. As someone who has worked in education my whole career, it concerns me that we have not managed to create the equality of opportunity and fair access to attainment for all our students. My contribution needs to start with a diagnosis and then tackling any race equity issues in my organisation, so that we can be a place where all staff and students thrive.”

This training is part of our 6 year Race Matters programme of work. The student movement, including NUS, all need to face the issues related to race and racism. Yes, this training may challenge us but throughout history the student movement has been at the forefront of change. CEO of Bristol students’ union, Sam Budd, addresses the role we have as leaders for a fair society:

“Racism and addressing the inequity that exists for black staff and students needs to be at the top of the list of priorities of anyone leading an organisation that is committed to social justice and improving the experience of those that it is directly responsible for. The SU movement is at its best when it takes the lead in societal change and I’m both excited and proud to be taking part in a training programme that is focused on providing tools and building confidence in tackling this difficult space so that once again our sector can take the lead towards the creation of a genuinely fairer society for all.”

Our Race Matters report identified a lack of career progression for Black staff, part of this training is to recognise your role in fighting racism. A key part of this is action. It is not enough to walk away with a greater understanding of the emotional impact of racism. As CEOs, and Senior Leaders you need to leave educated and empowered to respond to racism and lead on race equity. We cannot continue to see a lack of progression for  Black staff.

This course is for any CEO or Senior leader who believes in the progression of our student movement.

Deadline Monday 8 January for training in London.

Regsiter now. 



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