#Antisocialmedia – working together to tackle online abuse

Wednesday 06-07-2016 - 10:14

Social media trolling can threaten our democracy by making students feel unable to participate. Whilst it’s right for students to be able to hold elected officers to account for their work, it’s essential that we draw a very clear line between accountability and abuse.

Anonymous posts can create a culture of fear and intimidation. The internet has transformed education, but social media trolling can threaten the freedom to learn and is becoming a breeding-ground for bullying that isn't being tackled fast enough. We know that this issue spreads beyond the student movement, and that almost half of all students have personally experienced online abuse.

NUS has been developing the #Antisocialmeda campaign in response to this. The campaign aims to:

  • Provide support & resources for SUs and students
  • Raise the profile of the issue of bullying & harassment and its effects on education, attainment & health 
  • Examine how social media and the internet has changed education and how it can empower students

As we develop this campaign, we want to know:

  • What can NUS do?
  • What can SUs do?
  • What can institutions do?
  • What can students do?
  • What can providers (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YikYak etc) do?

If you haven’t yet had a chance to feed your ideas for this campaign in through either our round table discussion earlier this year, or our workshop at SU2016, then do please still get in touch and share your thoughts via



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