Aaron Kiely re-elected as Black Students’ Officer

Sunday 12-05-2013 - 11:32

Aaron Kiely has been re-elected to serve a second term as NUS Black Students’ Officer. The election, which took place at NUS Black Students’ Conference in Leeds, saw Kiely running against another candidate, Maryam Saghir, a student from the University of Lincoln.

In a tense conference hall, both candidates made speeches in an effort to persuade delegates to choose them to represent them for the year ahead. Saghir, who stood on a platform of intersectionality and universal FE funding entitlement, received 20 votes in the election, whereas Kiely, whose manifesto pledges included the reinstatement of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and to continue the fight against government cuts, received 52 votes. Re-Open Nominations, an option included in every NUS election, received 2 votes.

Aaron Kiely has now received a mandate to lead the Black Students’ Campaign into the next academic year (2013-14), will continue to be a full-time officer of NUS, and will head up next year’s Black Students’ Committee, who will also be elected at this year’s conference, and will work to implement the policies that have been agreed by the delegates here over the last two days.

Full result:

Aaron Kiely: 52

Maryam Saghir: 20

Re-Open Nominations: 2


Total votes: 75

Valid votes: 75

Spoils: 0

Quota to be elected: 38



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