88% of Ulster University students vote to remain affiliated to NUS-USI

Wednesday 04-11-2015 - 12:47

NUS-USI spent yesterday campaigning at Ulster University’s four campuses across Northern Ireland with colleagues and officers from NUS UK, USI, NUS Scotland and NUS Wales. 

NUS-USI President, Fergal McFerran proudly announced today that the students of Ulster University have voted overwhelmingly to remain affiliated to NUS-USI with an 88% yes result.

This is incredibly significant, ensuring a united student front as Northern Ireland approaches its most important Assembly Election in years.  

Fergal extended thanks to Megan Dunn, Richard Brooks, Ebbi Ferguson, Emily Beever and Robbie Young who beat the fog to travel to be in Northern Ireland and also Aidan Mersh and Peter Robertson for their help and support leading up to the referendum.

He said: 'Yesterday was a reflection of the strength of the NUS-USI Trilateral Agreement as officers from across the NUS Group campaigned alongside the USI officerboard'. 

And the good news doesn't stop there...On Monday the Northern Ireland Assembly voted for the first time ever with a majority in favour of Marriage Equality. This was another incredible result for NUS-USI, despite the Democratic Unionist Party vetoeing the proposal.


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