82 per cent of students would vote for more action on climate change

Tuesday 24-02-2015 - 12:10

New research shows that sustainability is a politcal issue for students.

Over the past ten years, students' unions have done amazing work in bringing sustainability into their core activities. Today, our research suggests it's time to put it at the heart of student politics as well.

Since April 2014, we’ve been tracking students’ attitudes towards climate change, and the responses are clear: this is an issue which is incredibly important to students.

  • 80 per cent are concerned about climate change
  • Over two thirds believe they’ll be affected by climate change
  • 65 per cent believe we are already feeling its effects
  • 82 per cent would vote for a government which increased action on climate change

These are strong messages. What’s more, concern has risen over the past year alone. As we move towards a General Election and crucial climate talks in Paris this winter, is your union engaging students with sustainability as a political issue?

In the last General Election, only 44 per cent of 18 -24 year olds voted. This year, we’re committed to making sure 7 million students have a voice too powerful to ignore.

#GenerationVote is our voter registration campaign, and is building on incredible momentum after we registered 50,000 students to vote earlier this month on National Voter Registration Day.

With 80 per cent of students saying they’ll vote for a government which took more action on climate change, is it time you started treating sustainability as a political issue on your campus?

It’s about a lot more than doing the recycling properly. It’s one of today’s most pressing social justice issues, and hundreds of students will be exploring and debating these topics in our first ever Student Sustainability Summit next month – and you can still join us.

With 80 per cent of students concerned about climate change, but our leaders still failing to lead, it’s time for the student movement to lead instead. We can put sustainability back at the centre of the UK’s political debate.

Register for the Student Sustainability Summit, and read the full research today.


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