5 ways to get your delegates ready for National Conference

Wednesday 16-03-2016 - 09:25

National Conference is nearly here, with registration closing at 12 noon on Wednesday 23 March. Now that your delegates have been elected, here are 5 ways that you can help them prepare for the big event.

1. Understand how National Conference fits into the year cycle

Have a Look at ‘What Deadline?’- Creating National Policy’ for an understanding of how National Conference fits into the cycle of Policy Creation at NUS, and the points at which Students’ Unions contribute directly to policy development.


2. Present ‘A beginners guide to National Conference’ to First Time Delegates.

The Beginners guide to National conference PowerPoint is the place to start for an Introduction to Conference and the Democratic Process.


3. Get to grips with the Democracy

You can also take your delegates through the Delegate Training PowerPoint .

Make sure that they arrive in time for the Delegate Briefing and Training on the first day of conference:

Delegates Briefing and Training - 10am Tuesday 19 April

Delegates Briefing and Training (Repeat) - 11am Tuesday 19 April

4. Share Our Tips For Debaters and Candidates

Watch the Webinar:

Tips on Public Speaking and Preparation.

90% of what makes a good speech is preparation, 10% is delivery. This session we will explores key ways to prepare a good speech including speech writing. It also gives you some tips for engaging delivery. Presenters: Rob Griffiths - Policy Officer, Jon Chambers - Political Officer.


5. Work With Other Unions to train your delegates together and share creative ideas:

You could bring the delegates in your city or town together for a training day, share ideas and best practice and help your delegates to know more people on conference floor.

‘We brought together all the Delegates including Sections and Liberation Campaigns and trained them using a variant of the card game Democrazy which we design for Exeter students and issues’ Gary McLachlan – University of Exeter Students Union

Also visit the National Conference Hub Delegate Training page for more information and resources.


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