5 things we learned at LGBT+ conference 2016

Friday 18-03-2016 - 10:18

This week between 15-17 March, 200+ students descended on Sheffield to attend our annual LGBT+ conference. As always the three days were jam packed with speakers, workshops and of course the elections and policy debates. Here’s a quick few points about the three days we hope you’ll find interesting.

  • The + is not superfluous

We added the plus to the campaign title last year after policy was passed at 2015 conference. However it was reaffirmed this year that we must continue to reaffirm the inclusivity of the LGBT+ campaign and we strongly urge that you proactively encourage other organisations that work closely with the sector to be more inclusive of ‘+’ people, and use the ‘LGBT+’ acronym.


  • Addressing the lack of Black LGBT+ people in the movement is crucial

LGBT+ people of colour need a voice in our movement, for too long they have marginalised, shut out or spoken over. Black caucus had the most attendees this year than ever before in the history of conference, however with numbers at just 24 we must do more to ensure QTIPoC are not only encouraged to come to LGBT+ conference but feel safe and able to speak out. The Black working group on LGBT+ Committee this year are hosting a QTIPoC consultation next month, we hope to allow QTIPoC students to network with one another, learn about intersectionality as a tool for achieving liberation and provide a valuable insight into QTIPoC individuals past and present. The QTIPoC consultation will take place at the NUS London Office on 27 April 2016. You can read the agenda here.


  • LGBT+ asylum seekers need our support

Our opening speech was from Moud Goba, who spoke about the need for challenging misconceptions, lobbying and fundraising and also the importance of the LGBT+ community standing in solidarity with asylum seekers. Moud directly supports LGBT+ asylum seekers through her work as UKLGIG’s Asylum Support Worker. You can find out more about this through @MsMGoba, following the hashtag #ProtectLGBTIRefugees and more about the work of UKLGIG here.  


  • SU’s and activists have been doing great things all year for LGBT+ students

The second evening of conference saw the 8th Annual Awards and Gala Dinner take place, this is a chance to recognise and celebrate students across the UK for their hard work, passion and determination improving the lives of LGBT+ students. We had fantastic nominations across all categories and a big congratulations to all of the winners and runners up.


  • Motion 101: A full time paid NUS Trans officer passed unanimously

Conference unanimously passed the motion for a full-time Trans officer and autonomous campaign. As you know we held the first ever Trans conference last year that was extremely successful, it was here that the motion for a Trans officer and campaign first passed. The LGBT+ campaign will now submit the motion to NUS National Conference 2016 to amend rules and articles of NUS UK. If this motion passes, the first NUS Trans Officer, NEC place and committee shall be elected at NUS Trans Conference in 2016/17 ready to take office in July 2017!


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