5 reasons why you should sign up to Lead and Change 👇

Tuesday 24-04-2018 - 16:05

For Student officers, all roads lead to Lead and change. It’s our flagship training programme that comes around once a year…  Have you booked your place?

Ask any veteran Sabbatical Officer about Lead and Change, and they’ll likely have a story for you. From workshops on how to be passionate inclusive leaders, to sharing ideas and self-exploration, the flagship course is guaranteed to be three days you’ll never forget. And, as the most sought after training programme for Student Officers, it’s worth registering now to reserve your spot!

Here are 5 reasons why Lead and Change is *the* course every SU Officer books onto (and why you should too):

1. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery 🙋

Our eye-opening workshops, activities and breakout sessions centre on developing inclusivity, success and resilience. But throughout the course, you’ll be called upon to look inward and recognise the power of your own vulnerability. We’ll help you articulate what you want to achieve and how that relates to your values. We’ll also look at methods of how you can implement self and collective care to support your wellbeing.

2. You will make friends for life 😊

Bring together like-minded people with a wide range of experience, for three days in the summer sun, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for life-long friends in the making. And with up to 100 officers on each Lead and Change course, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to mingle with people from all different walks of life.


3. You’ll get to learn how to lead by example 💃

You’ll have the chance to look at power, and the importance of different types of it in varying situations. You’ll be given the tools to address at the barriers to education and participation, and generate ideas for building engagement with marginalised and underrepresented groups on your campus. You’ll also learn how to apply coaching skills to support and empower a diversity of leaders around you.

4. You’ll get to connect, collaborate and network 🙌

With an array of officers from different institutions, you’ll have a unique opportunity expand your circles and social network of fellow student officers. And as a member of NUS, your students’ union is part of the largest student-led organisation that represents seven million students, striving to promote, extend and defend the rights of your students and others throughout the UK. So when you’re stuck for campaigning ideas come the Autumn term, you’ll have no shortage Lead and Change family connections to call upon for advice and guidance.



5. You can make a step towards becoming the change you wish you see 🌎
From advocacy to activism, Lead and Change gives you the tools to tackle the current issues facing your students. With the support of the national movement behind you, you’ll leave the three day experience charged and ready to further explore the power of the collective in campaigning and change-making on a micro and macro scale.

Don’t delay, register here today!

For more information on Lead and Change, click here.


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