5 Reasons to Stand to be a Liberation Officer

Tuesday 19-01-2016 - 15:00

Being a Full Time Liberation Officer is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the student movement. Nominations are now open for all Liberation Officer Roles.

NUS has four campaigns to represent students who define as an underrepresented section of society. These are known as the Liberation Campaigns and are made up of Womens Campaign, LGBT+ Campaign, Black Students Campaign and Disabled Students Campaign. Each of these have full time officers who are employed by NUS to lead the campaign. Here are 5 Reasons why you should stand for election to these roles.

  1. ‘Being a Liberation Officer is incredibly varied and flexible and you get to work on lots of different things in lots of different ways - whether that's writing blogs, lobbying in Parliament, organising demos, supporting activists, doing research - the opportunities are endless and you get to use your own initiative and leadership to make stuff happen’ - Maddy Kirkman, Disabled Students Officer 2015-16


  1. As a Liberation officer, you’ll be initiating and supporting ground-breaking research related to students. For example, the Womens Campaign led a campaign about Lad Culture that led to a government enquiry into lad culture.


  1. It’s an opportunity to work with activists across the country. You’ll support a group of activists on the ground through developing accessible training programmes, activist spaces and resources. 

'Working for NUS as the LGBT+ officer has been the best experience of my life, I have met so many inspiring activists on a grass roots level and I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great LGBT sabbatical officers to do great work for students’. Highlights have been introducing the first ever trans* student conference, to campaigning in Dublin for marriage equality and creating a manifesto for LGBT activists to lobby MP’s and PPC around LGBT specific issues. There is no experience like this, and the only qualification you need is a passion for change and a desire for activism. If you’re thinking about running, do. You will never regret it, I’m really going to miss being NUS LGBT+ officer (Open Place)'  - Rob Young, LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)


  1. You’ll make sure that the students that you support are represented in Student Unions. You can work with Unions to ensure that underrepresented students are supported by students’ union and institutional policy.


  1. Be part of a movement that saves lives – Being a liberation officer is a way to positively impact students’ lives and work towards freedom from oppression and discrimination.


You can read Role Profiles and Find Nomination Forms on each of the Liberation Conference Hubs

Nominations Close for LGBT+ Officers, Disabled Students Officer and Womens Officer on 17 February 2016.

Nominations Close for Black Students Officer on 4 May 2016.


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