5 reasons to register for Women's Officer Bootcamp!

Thursday 29-10-2015 - 16:27

Lets be honest, being a Women's officer is hard work. That's why this year the NUS Women's Campaign is hosting Women's Officer Bootcamp.

The NUS Women's campaign is hosting Women's Officer Bootcamp, a full day training event for part-time women's officers in Students' Unions. There are two bootcamps taking place, one in Leeds on 6 November and one in London on 9 November. Here are just 5 of the many reasons why you should sign up today!

1. Meet other women's officers to share ideas and experiences.

At women's officer bootcamp, women's officers will be provided the opportunity to build their skills and learn how to represent and campaign for women on their campuses as well as build valuable support networks.

2. Learn about the national women's campaign!

At bootcamp, Women's officers will also be able to learn more about the women's campaign projects, how you can localise national campaign and nationalise local campaigns.

3. Skill up at multiple workshops

We have various inspirational and interactive workshops on the day to equip women students with the tools and knowledge to dismantle the patriarchy on campus. You can take your pick from lad culture, liberating the curriculum and creating intersectional local groups.

4. Test out your skills in our women's officer challenge

So at the full time women's officer training day in the summer we ran a long simulation challenge to get women's officer to think of how the can creatively overcome difficulties. They had lots of fun with it so we are bringing it back for bootcamp!

5. Learn about how to be an effective activist and practice self-care

Fighting for liberation on campus and in the wider society can be very tiring and frustrating at times, so much so that sometimes people feel like giving up. At bootcamp women's officers will have an opportunity to share their concerns in a safe space and learn about ways to engage in self-care.

So now you have plenty of reasons to sign up! Register for the Leeds or London event today!

In Solidarity

Susuana xx



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