2016 NUS Membership Guide launched

Tuesday 12-07-2016 - 12:30

We have produced a guide setting out the support that NUS can offer your students’ union.

Students’ unions work every day to improve the lives of students and to make sure this generation can create a better, healthier and more equal society for the next.

NUS enables students’ unions to act and be seen as one, empowering students through our 600 member unions.

Students Unions 2016, our flagship event for SU staff and officers, saw the launch of our membership guide which sets out the range of support that we can provide.

The guide has been produced to help all students' unions understand the breadth of support NUS can offer – from parliamentary lobbying, trading insight, officer and staff training to student opportunities or sustainability work.

The guide is available to download through the Guidebook app which will be updated several times a year to reflect any changes to our products or services.

1. Install the Guidebook app to your mobile device:

2. Download the guide:

a. Search for NUS Membership Guide

b. Enter the passphrase nus-membersguide

c. Scan this QR code

This guide is part of a larger programme of work to better support students’ unions – we hope you find it insightful, illuminating and, above all, useful.


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