19 January - Stop Student Poverty day of action

Tuesday 06-01-2015 - 16:45

The Scottish Government are putting the final touches to the budget and if nothing changes, it’ll be a budget that lets students down.

Over the Christmas break, students across Scotland have been thrown into pay-day lender debt, into poverty, or been forced out of education altogether because the student support package in Scotland just doesn’t cut it. Let’s show the Government that we won’t let them get away with it!

We’re demanding:

  • Significant investment in further education support, where support is still based on an underfunded, outdated, postcode lottery.
  • Increased grants for the poorest higher education students, along with continued increases in support for all students to ensure the money students receive matches the rising costs of living.
  • A fairer deal for postgraduate education, where still too often studying depends on your bank balance, not your talents.

On Monday 19 January, as the budget is being finalised, we need to make some noise: organise stalls on your campuses, rallies and stunts outside your MSPs’ offices, and get in touch with press to show just how bad the situation is. Check out the Facebook event here!  

But in the long-term, even this won’t be enough to fix a funding system that is fundamentally broken. We need thousands of students to not only tell their MSP to make this budget deliver, but we need them to tell us the full picture – we have a major piece of research on the go, and we need students to respond: (they can also win £100 by filling it out!).

Find out more about the Stop Student Poverty campaign and download our resources here



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