10 things you need to know about NUS Scotland Conference 2015

Thursday 19-03-2015 - 09:24

Heading to NUS Scotland Conference 2015? Here's 10 things that you need to know. 

  1. Bring your student ID and make sure you have your personal details form – without them you might not get into the Conference.
  2. Check out the Conference hashtag, that’s where you’ll find lots of information and more delegates going to the conference #nusScot15.
  3. There’s elections. Lots of elections. You should check out manifesto videos before you go along. Find them here.
  4. You can run in some of these elections and you just need to decide on the day. Find out what positions are available and how to run here.
  5. Read the motions document, this will help you to follow what's happening when you’re voting on motions during the two days and means you can start thinking about how you’re going to vote.
  6. Don’t look at the sun. There is an exciting solar eclipse happening on Friday but if you look at the sun it could blind you and then you’ll miss all those fun elections we talked about earlier. There will be photos of the eclipse online aterwards, look at them instead. 
  7. There’s awards on the Friday night and they guarantee to be a lot of fun. Find out who has been shortlisted here.
  8. Conference starts at 9.30 the morning after the awards, and starts with an election. Make sure you’re there on time or you won’t get to vote.
  9. If you’re not sure what’s happening then just ask. Ask on the hashtag, ask the person next to you, ask a member of the Scottish Executive Committee or ask NUS Scotland staff.
  10. Have fun and make friends. You’re all there to decide what work NUS Scotland should take forward in 2015-16, the year of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections. That’s a pretty big deal and a chance to make a real difference to students lives. 


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