International Students' Campaign Day of Solidarity

The anti-immigrant policies of this government have become intolerable. The difficulties faced by International students are not isolated but are part of a wider agenda to keep away migrants and pander to the far-right.

Students across the country have had enough and are going to take part in a one-day national day of walk-out on November 17 to highlight their dissatisfaction and anger with such policies.

This action is not only to stand in solidarity with international students, currently being mistreated in the UK, but aims to tackle the anti-immigration sentiment which is growing in Britain and has manifested itself in the government's response to the refugee crisis.

UK has to play its part in supporting and welcoming a much higher number of refugees. This, alongside recent proposed policies which will see all migrants, including international students, having a much tougher time in the UK are the main reasons students have decided to take action and show unprecedented solidarity with migrants.

Join us on November 17 and spread the word.  Click here for a walk-out sample motion. Relive the action on social media by scrolling below. 


#Students4Migrants on social media

Here is a recap of some of the actions which students and students' unions across the UK are tok part in to promore #Students4Migrants