LGBT+ Students



NUS LGBT+ Students' Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of the LGBT+ Students' Campaign which is a politically autonomous part of NUS UK.

This Conference brings together delegates from students' unions affiliated to NUS UK to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

Delegate Entitlement

Each CM is entitled to a number of delegates with full voting and speaking rights. These must be elected. The election must be carried out in way that is open to all LGBT+ members at the university or college and must be elected by LGBT+ members only.

How to work out your delegate entitlement -

Basic Delegate Entitlement: 

  1. One Open Place member (open to any LGBT+ student)
  2. One Trans Place member (open to any student who defines as trans)
  3. One Black Place member (open to any LGBT+ student of African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean heritage and those who self-define as Black)
  4. One Women’s Place member (open to any LBT+ student who defines as a woman)
  5. One Disabled Place member (open to any LGBT+ disabled student)

Additional Delegate Entitlement: 

Each Union has additional delegates based on its student Full Time Equivalent (FTE). Each part time student at an Institution counts as 0.6 of a full time student.

  • CMS with under 10,000 FTE           no additional delegates
  • CMs with 10,000-14,999 FTE          1 additional open place
  • CMs with 15,000 - 19,999 FTE        1 additional open place and 1 additional women’s place
  • CMs with 20,000 - 24,999 FTE        2 additional open places and 1 additional women’s  place
  • Unions with  over 25,000 FTE        2 additional open places and 2 additional women’s places

Please note that no Constituent Member shall have a delegation larger than 8. If this calculation causes the entitlement to exceed 8, places shall be forfeited from the allocation of Open Places.

Womens Places

Half of the basic delegate entitlement of a Constituent Member shall be delegate places reserved for Individual Members who self-define as Women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include 'woman', and those who experience oppression as women. For the avoidance of doubt, only whole integers and not fractions shall be reserved for Women (e.g. a delegation of 5 would require 2 reserved for Women, not 3). 


Observers are not limited in number or type but allowed on a first-come first served basis due to Conference capacity. Observers can speak but not vote.

Delegate places will cost an amount to be announced once a venue has been set. 


Registration will open in Spring 2017.

If you reqire Additional Information about this conference please contact