Every year, delegates have the opportunity to set the direction of NUS Scotland through the election of NUS Scotland’s leadership.

This year, delegates will elect two full-time officers: the President and the Vice President (Education), and other volunteer positions: Vice President (Communities), six members of Scottish Executive Committee (SEC), and four members of the Scottish Procedures Committee.

For full details on how to submit a formal nomination and conduct a campaign within regulations, click here to see the election rules and schedules document (CD4).


NUS Scotland President and Vice President (Education)

These are full-time, paid positions based in Edinburgh. The President and Vice President (Education) lead NUS Scotland in its mission to promote, defend and extend the rights of students, and develop strong students’ unions.

At close of nominations on Friday 8 February, the following were received (subject to any challenges).  Full list of nominators can be found here.

NUS Scotland President

Gordon Maloney          University of Aberdeen          manifesto

Jamie Kinlochan           University of the West of Scotland          manifesto

NUS Scotland Vice President (Education)

Robert Foster               Glasgow Caledonian University          manifesto

NUS Scotland Vice President (Communities)

Nominations for this position close at 18:00 on 16 March, at Conference.

NUS Scotland Executive Committee (SEC)

There are six Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) representatives who will be expected to attend the six meetings of the SEC between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014.

These positions are split into two Priority Campaign Convenors, two Education Campaign Convenors and two Communities Campaign Convenors, with one of the two places in each Zone reserved for an FE candidate should such a person stand.

Nominations for these positions close at 18:00 on 16 March, at Conference.

Scottish Procedures Committee

There are four committee positions for the Scottish Procedures Committee.
Scottish Procedures Committee ensures the smooth running of Conference and the policy process.

Nominations for these positions close at 11:00 on 17 March, at Conference.


For more information on standing for election to any of the committee positions, please see CD4 Election Rules and Schedule.



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