SEC and Liberation Committees

NUS Scotland's elected liberation and sections officers for the next year are:

  • International Students’ Officer – Raj Jeyaraj
  • Postgraduate Students’ Officer – Kaitlin Ramsay
  • Asylum and Refugee Officer - Lord Apetsi
  • Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer – Ashley Cameron (resigned)
  • Women’s Officer – Angela Alexander
  • LGBT+ Officer – Jack Douglas
  • Black Students’ Officer – Shuwanna Aaron
  • Disabled Students’ Officer – Rahul Singh

In addition, liberation committee positions were filled during conferences. The successful candidates for each election are listed below. 

Womens Committee
Adwoa Adjare
Elaine McKinlay
Sam Finlayson
Shaakirah Iqbal

Women’s Steering Committee
Lani Baird
Ashley Hickford

Disabled Students Committee
Shona Maxwell
Thomas McGrory
Lainey McKinlay
Leah Morgan

Disabled Students’ Steering Committee
Lani Baird
Lisa Kinnaird

Black Students Committee
Alanis Buhat
Zee Nyeku
Baber Rasheed
Oluyinka Abejide

Black Students’ Steering Committee
Dolly Sunilkumar

LGBT+ Committee
Marc Long
Ali Hudson
Leo Siebert
Matthew Mackenzie
Lewis Irvine
Ada Wells

LGBT+ Steering Committee
Sarah Balgarnie
John Hein

NUS Scotland's Scottish Executive Committee members for 2016/17 are: 

Abigail Banner; (resigned)

Aleksandra Koziol;

Angela Alexander;

Ashley Cameron; (resigned)

Conor  Marshall;

Heather Armstrong;

Heidi Vistisen;

Jack Douglas;

Jeroen Van Herk;

Kaitlin Ramsay;

Lewis Macleod;

Lisa Kinnaird; (deemed to have resigned)

Lord Apetsi;

Rahul Singh;

Raj Jeyaraj;

Rob Henthorn;

Rojan Kumar;

Shuwanna Aaron;

Vonnie Sandlan

Zeyad Rashad