NUS UK Board

The NUS UK is one of the 7 legal entities which makes up the NUS Group.

This Board is made up of:

  • The National President
  • 6 Student Directors
  • 4 NUS Officer Directors
  • 4 Lay (external) Directors

You can see who they are for the current year here and you can find out how to get involved on the Get Involved pages.

This Board is one of the overarching governing bodies of the organisation. It shares this responsibility with the National Executive Council and National Conference.

The other 6 legal entities link to NUS UK. The NUS UK Board is responsible for the management and administration of the National Union.

Even though this Board has overall responsibility for the individual companies, known as the group, it has delegated some of its responsibilities to the different Boards and Committees.

Part of this delegation is that it does not monitor all of the 1 year plans. It is the responsibility of this Board to monitor the Campaigning and Influencing section.

NUS Services will monitor Enterprise and NUS SU Charitable Services will monitor Supporting Students’ Unions.

What happens at meetings?

At each meeting the Board will receive updates on the progress and actions against the Campaigning and Influencing plan. There will be an update on the discussion and actions of the Audit and Risk committee and the Human Resources Committee.

These 2 committees manage and monitor the organisation’s finances, risk and all matters relating to human resources across the whole NUS Group.

The Group Chief Executive provides an update on their work and the main priorities of work in NUS UK.

What is coming next?

Meetings for 2016/17

  • 22 September 2016
  • 6 December 2016
  • 23 February 2017
  • 16 June 2017


What has happened at past meetings?

Following each meeting the chair of this Board and the others will publish a communication summarising the key issues and decisions at the meeting. There will be an alert to this in the News Feed.

Papers and Minutes

Where possible we will publish the papers and minutes associated with the meeting. There may be some occasions where this is not possible, the Publication Policy provides further explanation.


Meeting Date: 22 September 2016

CEO report
A high performing set of Boards
Feedback from Subcommittees - a verbal item
Finance quarterly accounts
Aligning with NUS100
NUS100 Strengthening our democracy and governance
National Demonstration 
NUS action on the NSS update
Higher Education and Research Bill
Code of Conduct revisions
NEC minutes


Meeting Date: 16 June 2016 - Minutes

Cycle of business 2016/17 
Code of conduct 
Company Law meeting
Group leadership report and CEO report
Student voice and Influence KPIs 
Feedback from group boards and Committees 
NUS 100: Manifesto for a just and sustainable future - approve strategic framework  
HE Bill 
Anti-Semitism in the movement - This was a verbal item
Role of Student Trustees and Lay Trustees - This was a verbal item
National Conference summary 


Meeting Date: 23 February 2016 Minutes

Leadership report
Student voice and influence KPIs
HE Green paper
FE area reviews
NUS Services update 
Management accounts
NUS UK estimates 201617
A&R subcommittee summary
HR Subcommittee summary
Institutional racism review - this was a verbal item


Meeting Date: 17 November 2015 Minutes

Leadership Report
Campaigning and influencing
A&R Subcommittee summary
HR Subcommittee summary
Audited Accounts
Management Accounts
GE evaluation report

The Board also recived presentations on and discussed the FE Area reviews and Project 100.

Meeting Date: 9 June 2015 Minutes

Leadership Report
Campaigning and Influencing Plan
Campaigning and influencing strategy 2015/16
2015/16 Budget
A&R Subcommittee summary
HR Subcommittee summary
2015/16 meeting cycle
National Conference reveiw report
Long term international relations strategy

Meeting Date: 5 March 2015 Minutes

Leadership Report
Campaigning and Influencing
NUS UK Estimates
A&R Subcommittee summary 
HR Subcommittee summary 
Publication policy
Commission on costs and benefits