Audit and Risk Sub Committee

This committee is one of the two subcommittees that hold authorities that have been delegated to them by the 7 entities of the NUS Group.

The purpose of the committee is to support and assist the NUS Group to make sound financial and risk decisions and advise the Boards on appropriate courses of action in this area.

The Audit and Risk (A&R) Sub Committee has delegated authority to consider, make decisions and recommendations on financial stewardship, affiliation fees hardship and abatement claims, audit process, including the monitoring of external auditors performance and approve their appointment, Effective use of resources – financial and otherwise, property & estates management, risk management and business continuity planning, ICT & capital.

This committee is made up of:

  • 1 NUS UK Officer Trustee
  • 1 NUS UK Lay trustee
  • 1 NUS UK Student trustee
  • 1 NUS Charity Officer Trustee
  • 1 NUS Charity Trustee
  • 1 NUS Services Student Officer trustee
  • 1 NUS Services Trustee
  • 1 SU Staff member

You can see who they are for the current year here and you can find out how to get involved on the Get Involved pages.

What happens at meetings?

At each meeting the committee will receive updates from the Director of Finance and Infrastructure and the quarterly financial reports will be scrutinised.

A report following these meetings is provided for the Boards and will detail any decisions that are required of the Boards regarding audit and risk.

What is coming next?

Meetings for 2016/17



What has happened at past meetings?

Following each meeting a summary is provided for the Boards.

Q3 201415 A&R Summary for Boards

Q4 201415 A&R Summary for Boards

Q1 201516 A&R Summary for Boards

Q2 201516 A&R Summary for Boards