Cooperative Enterprise Units

Cooperative Enterprise Units (CEUs) are the member unions who participate in a particular commercial activity or programme run by NUS Services.

The purpose of CEU meetings are to ensure there is opportunity for formal engagement by member unions in generating new ideas and for steering the future plans.

The following areas of activity have a CEU

  • NUS extra

  • Purchasing

  • Union Cloud


What happens at meetings?

The meetings aim to be interactive opportunities for members to provide insight and ideas in the specific areas detailed above.

The meetings will be led by members, with direction and focus provided by the Direction and Oversight Boards and supported by NUS colleagues.

There may be published information provided in advance of the meeting to support discussions, and it will be expected that attendees will have taken some time to read through the agenda and gathered thoughts to participate in discussions. This information is published on each CEU page. When clicking on the page you will find that you need to log in to visit it. Only members in that CEU will be able to access the page due to the commercially sensitive information available before the meetings. Please note the CEO and President in the CEU currently have access if you are another member of staff within the union that needs access the papers can be shared by them or you can email us at, after checking your eligibility you will be given access. 

Cooperative Enterprise Unit member lists 2016/17:

NUS extra CEU list      Purchasing CEU list    Union Cloud CEU list


What is coming next?

The next set of meetings will be part of Convention on 4 & 5 April 2017.


Elections for 2017-18 

The CEUs elect new members onto the Direction and Oversight Boards annually. 

 Role profile of the officer position


Why attend?

If you’ve strong views on any of this we want to hear them, if you’re just interested we want to share our thoughts and if you’re keen to shape what we do by being a part of the Direction and Oversight Board please come and find out what it is all about.

Throughout the year members from unions within each CEU, who were elected to sit on the Direction and Oversight Board (DOB) have been working hard on behalf of the CEU’s members.
It is within the CEU meeting that the members of the DOB present an overview of their work in the last year and their thinking for the year ahead.  As your representatives the members of the DOB are keen to hear your views on what we have done, your hopes for the future and gain a real understanding of how what NUS Services does impact on you at an operational level.


What has happened at past meetings?

We have previously held the Cooperative Enterprise Unit (CEU) meetings at Trade Show 2014 and 2015  and Strategic Conversation 2015 and SU2015.