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Campaigns: Womens

Women's committee open place election results

Fri 15 Mar 2013

The results for the election of the open places on women's committee

Summary of Women's Campaign Conference 2013

Thu 07 Mar 2013

Find out what was decdided and who was elected at this year's Women's Campaign Conference.

Women's Campaign Awards 2013

Wed 06 Mar 2013

NUS Women’s Campaign Conference hosted their first ever awards ceremony. See the winners here.

Highlights of policy passed at Women's Conference

Wed 06 Mar 2013

Throughout the conference, delegates debated and voted on motions.

Election results for Women's Campaign leadership 2013/14

Wed 06 Mar 2013

Delegates at Women’s Campaign Conference have voted for the NUS Women’s Officer 2013/13.

NUS Women's Awards

Tue 29 Jan 2013

Women's Campaign Logo

Being a Women's Officer Handbook Updated

Mon 10 Dec 2012

We've updated our handbook for Women's Officers with new information which will be useful to both Women's Officers and campaigners for women's liberation alike.


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Hello. I'm Susuana Antubam and I am the NUS National Women's Officer.

Here, on the Women's Campaign page, you'll find the latest downloads and news on our campaigns. 

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