Quality Doesn't Grow On Fees

The government's higher education white paper introduced the biggest changes to the sector since 1992, setting out the funding and regulatory decisions that will affect students' lived experiences for a generation. The HE Bill takes forward the white paper proposals that require changes in legislation.

As a movement, we need to ensure a collective response to these changes.

At NUS, we believe that properly funding our institutions is what drives quality - not raising tuition fees and pitting providers against each other chasing income. We believe in enabling our instititutions to collaborate, rather than needlessly compete.

That's why we launched the Quality Doesn't Grow on Fees campaign, which makes the arguments for why these measures will not improve teaching quality.

In the weeks ahead we need to mobilise and defend education as a public good that is accessible for all.

We need your help to do this on a national scale:

  • Use our campaign guide for students' unions taking on the HE Bill
  • Lobby a Lord ahead of the first debate in the House of Lords on Tuesday 6 December
  • Meet your Vice Chancellor about the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  • The National Student Survey (NSS) is a metric in the Teaching Excellence Framework, using student feedback to raise our fees and harm our education. Should the TEF and HE Bill go ahead, mobilise your students in protest in a refusal to fill in the NSS in Spring 2017 with support from NUS

In unity,

Sorana Vieru
NUS Vice President (Higher Education)