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Two candidates run for NUS Wales women's officer

Mon 14 Apr 2014

This year's election for NUS Wales women's officer is contested. Two candidates are vying for votes on Friday 2 May: Lorraine Bainbridge and Rosie Inman....more

Set the agenda for your NUS Wales liberation campaign

Thu 03 Apr 2014

All five of NUS Wales liberation campaigns open submissions of motions today....more

Nominations open for NUS Wales liberation officers

Mon 31 Mar 2014

Nominations open today for four NUS Wales liberation officers.Black Students, LGBT, Students with Disabilities and Welsh Language campaign officers all open for nominations....more

NUS Wales opens registration for its liberation conferences

Fri 28 Mar 2014

Registration for NUS Wales' five liberation campaign conferences opens today....more

Motions at NUS Wales conference 2014

Thu 27 Mar 2014

On the second day of NUS Wales conference in Cardiff, delegates voted on 13 motions proposed by students in Wales....more

NUS Wales Awards: The winners

Wed 26 Mar 2014

More than 90 nominations were submitted from across the nation. Our team of independent judges has chosen the very best of the student movement in Wales. Out of more than 90 nominations, here are this year’s winners of the NUS Wales Awards....more

NUS Wales Conference kicks off in Cardiff Bay

Tue 25 Mar 2014

NUS Wales Conference starts this morning in Cardiff Bay. The Conference will be held in the historic Pierhead building as the organisation celebrates 40 years of working for students....more

NUS Wales Awards 2014: The shortlist

Tue 18 Mar 2014

Are you on this year’s shortlist for the NUS Wales Awards? Find out who out of more than 90 nominations has a chance of winning....more

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I'm Stephanie Lloyd, the 2013-14 President for NUS Wales. I represent the interests of more than 320,000 students through the membership of 26 college and university students' unions. This section is designed to help these members find out the latest news and events that concern them. 

Imagine Education

Education for people after the age of 16 in Wales needs help. We think students in our nation get a better deal than those across the border in England. But we want them to get an even better deal. That’s why we’re leading this long-term piece of work to Imagine Education.

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