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The dust has settled after NUS Wales Conference 2015!

Fri 20 Mar 2015

Now that the dust has settled after our NUS Wales Conference in Llandrindod last week, here’s a quick round-up of what happened on the second and final day of our annual get-together....more


Thu 19 Mar 2015

Chances are, after the big #GenerationVote push on National Voter Registration Day, loads of you are now ready to have your say in the May General Election. But there are some stragglers, and we need your help to get them involved. #RegAFriend...more

Cardiff Central candidates answer students’ questions

Wed 18 Mar 2015

The parliamentary candidates from the six main parties joined us in a Twitter hustings this afternoon as part of NUS’ ‘MP’s Questions’ initiative....more

Beth Button and Ebbi Ferguson re-elected

Thu 12 Mar 2015

At the first day of NUS Wales Conference 2015 in Llandrindod Wells, incumbent President and Deputy President of NUS Wales, Beth Button and Ebbi Ferguson, were elected for a second term of office....more

NUS Wales Liberation Campaign Officers for 2015/16 elected

Mon 09 Mar 2015

Last week, NUS Wales hosted the conferences of each of its five liberation campaigns. At these conferences, students took part in workshops, heard from inspirational speakers, debated policy, and elected their leaders for the new academic year....more

NUS Wales Women’s Officer Rosie Inman re-elected

Mon 09 Mar 2015

At the NUS Wales Women’s Conference in Merthyr Tydfil, incumbent Women’s Officer Rosie Inman has been re-elected for a second and final term of office....more

NUS Wales LGBT+ Campaign elects leaders for 2015/16

Thu 05 Mar 2015

At the NUS Wales LGBT+ Conference, delegates from across Wales came together to discuss matters of importance to their campaign, and to elect their leaders for 2015/16....more

Students with Disabilities Campaign elects new leader

Wed 04 Mar 2015

Delegates at the NUS Wales Students with Disabilities Conference in Merthyr Tydfil elected Diana Isajeva as the new Students with Disabilities Officer for 2015/16....more

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I’m Beth Button, NUS Wales President for 2014-15. I represent the interests of more than 320,000 students through the membership of 23 college and university students’ unions. This section is designed to help these members find out the latest news and events that concern them.

Imagine Education

Education for people after the age of 16 in Wales needs help. We think students in our nation get a better deal than those across the border in England. But we want them to get an even better deal. That’s why we’re leading this long-term piece of work to Imagine Education.

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