Liber8 Education

Education has been under attack for years. Students and staff have seen conditions get worse, fees rise again and rights marginalised.

It is urgent for us to defend our colleges and universities and put forward our vision for a free, liberated education.

“Liber8 Education provides an organising tool for building and bringing together the fight against college closures, marketisation of Higher Education and sharp rise in rent, with the demands for migrant solidarity, women’s rights and the closure of the black attainment gap. It puts forward a manifesto of credible and vital alternatives for education and wider society while encouraging unity across the different struggles that exist on our campuses and in our communities.” 

- Malia Bouattia, NUS President

What is Liber8 Education?

Liber8 Education identifies our clear vision for what an education sector which truly works for all would look and feel like, focussing on eight core campaign areas and asks;

1. Fight fees and cuts
Government reforms are turning education into a business and students into consumers. Education must be a public good, ensuring it is open to all, regardless of their ability to afford it. 

2. Affordable housing for all
Students – like everyone else - deserve decent and affordable housing.

3. Liberate the curriculum
We all deserve equal opportunities. Education must be accessible and representative for all.

4. Invest in FE
Colleges must remain open, funded, and focused on the needs and welfare of the students, staff and communities they serve.

5. Scrap Prevent - Students Not Suspects
The exchange of ideas and free pursuit of knowledge must not be criminalised. Students and lecturers should be free to teach, learn, and debate without fear of repression.

6. It Stops Here – tackling sexual violence
Women have a right to study and teach, free from harassment, objectification, sexual violence and any oppression.

7. More for mental health
Poor student mental health is a deeply worrying indication of the current state of our education system. We need more and better services, available to all.

8. Defend international students and migrant rights
All students, regardless of nationality, should be free to study without fear of deportation, prejudice, hate or injustice.


Our Manifesto