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SU ARTS Wins on Attendance Monitoring for International Students

Thu 09 Oct 2014

Mostafa Rajaai

Mostafa Rajaai from SUARTS describes why they challenged unfair attendance monitoring policies and won a system designed by international students.

Information note on visa issues facing students from Iraq, Libya and Occupied Palestine

Tue 30 Sep 2014

The International Unit has created an information note on the visa issues that students from Iraq, Libya and the Occupied Palestinaian Territories might be facing.

Understanding Police Registration for International Students

Tue 09 Sep 2014

Many International Students are required to register with the police within 7 days of arriving. Find out what you can do to help.

Immigration Bill Update

Mon 18 Aug 2014

Update on the immigration bill, outlining what is currently happening with landlord checks, NHS charges and appeal rights.

NUS launches Report on International Students and Hardship

Fri 20 Jun 2014


NUS's newest report "Widening the Safety Net: Bringing Financial Safety to International Students" explores international student financial hardship and the schemes put in place to support them.

Recognise the Value of International Students’ Petition

Wed 14 May 2014

Take a look at how you can get political leaders to recognise the contribution of international students to the UK

Students take action for Open Campus, Open Community

Tue 13 May 2014

Take a look at what students and students' unions are doing for the Open Campus, Open Community project.

NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards 2014 – Shortlist Announced

Fri 25 Apr 2014

NUS are pleased to announce the shortlist for the NUS/UKCISA Internationalisation Awards 2014. The winner of the awards will be announced at the Warwick Integration Summit on the 6th of May.


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Hi, I'm Shreya Paudel, the International Students' Officer at NUS.

The International Students Campaign aims to represent, support and improve the experiences of all international students in the UK.

From fighting for fairer immigration policies to supporting the internationalisation of unions, we make sure the international  student voice is heard. If you have any comments, please drop me an email.

Staff contacts:

Joy Elliott-Bowman, Campaigns and Policy Officer (Immigration), NUS


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