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Mae pethau wedi tawelu ar ôl Cynhadledd UCM Cymru 2015!

Fri 20 Mar 2015

Nawr fod pethau wedi setlo rywfaint ar ôl Cynhadledd UCM Cymru yn Llandrindod yr wythnos ddiwethaf, dyma’r newyddion o’r ail ac olaf ddiwrnod yn ein cyfarfod blynyddol....more

The dust has settled after NUS Wales Conference 2015!

Fri 20 Mar 2015

Now that the dust has settled after our NUS Wales Conference in Llandrindod last week, here’s a quick round-up of what happened on the second and final day of our annual get-together....more


Thu 19 Mar 2015

Fwy na thebyg, ar ôl ymdrech fawr #PleidlaisYGenhedlaeth ar Ddiwrnod Cenedlaethol Cofrestru i Bleidleisio, bydd llawer ohonoch yn barod i gael dweud eich dweud yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol fis Mai. Ond ...more


Thu 19 Mar 2015

Chances are, after the big #GenerationVote push on National Voter Registration Day, loads of you are now ready to have your say in the May General Election. But there are some stragglers, and we need...more

Ymgeiswyr Canol Caerdydd yn ateb cwestiynau myfyrwyr

Wed 18 Mar 2015

Ymunodd ymgeiswyr seneddol y chwe phrif blaid â ni mewn hustyngau ar Twitter y prynhawn yma fel rhan o fenter ‘Holi’r ASau’ UCM....more

Cardiff Central candidates answer students’ questions

Wed 18 Mar 2015

The parliamentary candidates from the six main parties joined us in a Twitter hustings this afternoon as part of NUS’ ‘MP’s Questions’ initiative....more

Trade Union rally tomorrow will show the devastating impact of cuts on society

Thu 12 Mar 2015

NUS-USI President Rebecca Hall has said that the strike taking place in tomorrow (Friday 13 March) shows the strength of feeling against cuts. She said that the broad range and number of trade unions ...more

Beth Button ac Ebbi Ferguson wedi cael eu hail-ethol

Thu 12 Mar 2015

Ar ddiwrnod cyntaf Cynhadledd UCM Cymru 2015 yn Llandrindod, cafodd Llywydd a Dirprwy Lywydd presennol UCM Cymru, Beth Button ac Ebbi Ferguson, eu hail-ethol am ail dymor yn eu swyddi....more

Beth Button and Ebbi Ferguson re-elected

Thu 12 Mar 2015

At the first day of NUS Wales Conference 2015 in Llandrindod Wells, incumbent President and Deputy President of NUS Wales, Beth Button and Ebbi Ferguson, were elected for a second term of office....more

Swyddogion Ymgyrchoedd Rhyddhad UCM Cymru ar gyfer 2015/16 wedi eu hethol

Mon 09 Mar 2015

Yr wythnos ddiwethaf, cynhaliodd UCM Cymru gynadleddau ei phum ymgyrch ryddhad. Trwy gydol yr wythnos, bu myfyrwyr yn cymryd rhan mewn gweithdai, yn clywed gan siaradwyr ysbrydoledig, yn dadlau polisi...more

NUS Wales Liberation Campaign Officers for 2015/16 elected

Mon 09 Mar 2015

Last week, NUS Wales hosted the conferences of each of its five liberation campaigns. At these conferences, students took part in workshops, heard from inspirational speakers, debated policy, and elec...more

International Women’s Day underlines gains and need for action on equality

Fri 06 Mar 2015

Ahead of the International Women’s Day rally in Belfast tomorrow, NUS-USI student movement Women’s Officer Ellie Drake said that the event provides an important opportunity to celebrate the gains and ...more

Swyddog Menywod UCM Cymru Rosie Inman wedi ei hail-ethol

Fri 06 Mar 2015

Yng Nghynhadledd Menywod UCM Cymru ym Merthyr Tydfil, cafodd y Swyddog Menywod bresennol Rosie Inman ei hail-ethol am ail ac olaf dymor yn y swydd....more

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Come Clean

Education Write Off

In less then one month there is likely to be a vote in Parliament, which will determine whether or not the government implement proposals to raise the tuition fee cap to £6000-£9000 and scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance scheme.


Higher Education

State of the Arts resources

These resources focus on supporting arts students on your campuses.


Welfare and Student Rights

Faith and Belief Initiatives spotlight – University of Wolverhampton Students Union

Take a look at what University of Wolverhampton Students Union is doing with their Faith and Belief Initiative Funding.


Further Education

Update on the Save the AS level campaign

In August we wrote to the Secretary of State for Education about the reforms to the AS level. Here's an update of our correspondence.


Society and Citizenship

Sustainability in sport

Have you started working with sports teams to drive sustainable behaviour change?


Union Development

Equality and Diversity resource hub

We're proud to launch our new hub of toolkits and resources, supporting equality and diversity work at your union.



Women’s Campaign Activist Network Launch

Register now for the new Women's Activist Network forums



NUS LGBT Response to Spectator Article 14/10/14 (TW: Transphobia, Racism, Islamophobia)

An article has been published by The Spectator, titled “Now it’s the tranny-state” (TW: Transphobia, Racism, Islamophobia), which condemns trans activists and the work they do in order to fight the systematic transphobia that plagues all of society and that is enshrined in many aspects of the law across the world.



NUS Black Students’ Conference 2014

The NUS Black students Conference 2014 took place at the University of Warwick 17-18 May



World Mental Health Day 2014

Friday October 10 is World Mental Health Day 2014.



Understanding Police Registration for International Students

Many International Students are required to register with the police within 7 days of arriving. Find out what you can do to help.



New Postgraduate Employment Charter launched by NUS and UCU

NUS has teamed up with UCU to produce an updated charter of good practice guidance on the pay and conditions of postgraduates employed as teachers by their institution.


Mature and Part-time

Spending Review Cuts Briefing: Mature students and adult learners

Find out the effect the Comprehensive Spending Review had on mature students and adult learners.


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