Sky Yarlett

Sky Yarlett is the NUS LGBT Officer (Open Place).

LGBT does Activism

Activism 2012 is a free event like no other, it’s a chance to see the change you can make. For me it showed that being a student is more than learning information that only directly correlates to your course.

I started my degree with the aim to focus on photography, I joined and ended up running the LGBT society because I enjoyed social events and I wanted to make friends. I stumbled across the NUS LGBT campaign and attended an Activist Training Day I remember discovering that I was more than an art & media student but through my actions and words we could make real change. When I left I felt this sense of empowerment, I had been given the skills and the knowledge to run campaigns on issues I cared deeply about, and I had met other students who felt the same way, which provided me with the contacts who shared their experiences and gave me support.

Last year I attended Activism 2011 which was an incredible experience seeing students from across the country fill Goldsmiths University attending a wide range of workshops from the 60 available, meeting other students seeing their role beyond their degrees or courses, but as an individual within society who can make change. It was really inspiring to see so many students who had organised and attended Demolition in 2010 take their activism to the next step and to actively learn more.    

This year the NUS LGBT Campaign will be attending Activism and putting on a session entitled ‘The Queers are Revolting!’ which aims to look at the way that LGBT activism has used different methods to achieve liberation. From the Stonewall riots in 1969, to the Lesbian Avengers taking over the BBC studios, to current campaigns such as ‘It Gets Better’, Equal Marriage Campaign and By looking at our past activism and the methods used we can look to the present and to the future and ensure that we use a wide range of methods to get our voices heard. The session is open to all and we encourage those who do not know anything about the NUS LGBT campaign or about the LGBT rights movement to attend.

Register for Activism 2012 today here and spread the word!


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