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Kelley Temple


Kelley Temple is the National Women's Officer.

Fri 31 Jan 2014

I Heart Consent workshop

Two things that have caught my attention in the media and in the last couple of weeks reflect some pretty...
Wed 06 Nov 2013

Guest blog: Trans* students deserve respect and support

The following is a guest blog by Ginger Drage, NUS Women’s Committee Trans Rep     One of the many badges...
Mon 28 Oct 2013

Dear Women at NUS Zone Conferences, I have a favour to ask…

Let’s improve the representation of women on NUS Committees. I’m currently on a train to the first NUS...
Tue 24 Sep 2013

Listen to Muslim Women’s Voices - A guest blog by Maahwish Mirza

The recent Birmingham Met decision to ban the niqab and the subsequent calls to save Muslim women from themselves proves...
Wed 18 Sep 2013

Learning with Care

I am incredibly proud to launch Learning with care, the first ever national research into the experiences of student carers...
Wed 12 Jun 2013

Carers Week 2013

This week is Carers’ Week, which draws attention to the issues faced by carers and tries to make sure that...
Mon 10 Jun 2013

Do you know how to negotiate consent? Not sure? Lets make consent in the curriculum compulsary!

Why the NUS Women’s Campaign supports consent in the curriculum… What we know: Sexual bullying and harassment are routine...
Mon 14 Jan 2013

NUS Women's Campaign statement on transmisogyny

[Trigger warning for quoted transphobic language] The NUS Women’s Campaign would like to express our disgust and dismay at...
Tue 04 Dec 2012

Guest Blog: Armpits for August

Written by Claire Males and Tasha Skerman-Gray Armpits4August is a feminist charity event which challenges beauty standards whilst raising...
Mon 03 Dec 2012

It’s Disabled History Month. I’m coming out as disabled

I remember the day that I learned that I had a disability. I was disagnosed as having an underactive thyroid...
Tue 13 Nov 2012

Aberdeen Reclaim the Night

The below is a transcript of a speech by Kelley Temple, NUS Women's Officer's at Reclaim the Night...
Mon 29 Oct 2012

NUS commissions research into lad culture on campus

Every autumn as returning students come back to campus and new students arrive, we start to hear the sexist horror...
Fri 07 Sep 2012

Do you think it is Fair to Care?

Do you care? Should you care? Yes you should care? The NUS Women’s Campaign has voted for the priority...
Tue 28 Aug 2012

Rape apology, and the misunderstanding of consent

The vast amount of coverage over the Julian Assange case in the past couple weeks have definitely opened up a...
Mon 05 Mar 2012

If we want equality, why do we need liberation?

It has become apparent to me through the debates that I have with students and student officers on campuses that...
Thu 19 Jan 2012

Staff room? More like the men's room

The Herald newspaper has reported today that shamefully only 21% of professors at universities in Scotland are women, with the...

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