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Aaron Porter

 Aaron Porter was the President of the National Union of Students (NUS).

Re-affirming our support for No Platform

During the Spring term of 2010 there were several discussions about the NUS no Platform Policy and the support the national union shows to unions in membership in upholding their own policies.  There were specific cases that, as far as I am concerned, were dealt with at National Conference. As National President I have been asked by the NEC to outline NUS’ stance on No Platform and also on the work of our Liberation campaigns. 

To look at the latter of these points first, NUS is proud to have Liberation campaigns for the voice they give to the diversity of our members and for the activism that they nurture. Equality and Liberation have been central to NUS’ values and work for a great many years, and it is vital that they remain so. The full time officers, and NEC more widely, have already been working hard this year to ensure that Liberation voices are heard in the strategy and operation of the National body and that they can work more closely with the zones and nations. 
On No Platform, I was incredibly pleased that during the reform process the No Platform principle was enshrined within NUS’ constitution. Our anti-fascist, anti-racist beliefs should be core to the organisation and not subject to defence at each National Conference. I believe NUS has a place to encourage and support No Platform policies within constituent unions and myself and other officers should work with unions to make this so where the need arises.
If the rest of this statement is unclear, let me plain in saying that NUS remains committed to both the principle of equality through the Liberation campaigns and the principle of No Platform for those who would spread hatred at our events and within our unions. 


Tami Peterson
11:54pm on 19 Sep 10 <p> This is really great Aaron, thanks. </p>
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