Jack Daniel's Honey Cups

Tuesday 31-01-2017 - 11:55

Jack Daniels Honey is in Period 5 LT plus!

Jack Daniels is a long standing student favourite and this seasonal promotion allows you to offer your customers serve innovation through the vessels and suggested serves.

The suggested serves are:

Jack Daniel's Honey and Lemonade

  • 50ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
  • 175ml chilled lemonade and a good squeeze of lemon

Alternative homemade version

  • 50ml Jack Daniel’s
  • Tennessee Honey
  • 125ml chilled soda mixed with 50ml fresh squeezed lemon juice    

Jack Daniel's Honey Cooler

  • 50ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
  • 100ml apple juice
  • 100ml chilled ginger ale

The kit contains 12 tins, 3 t-shirts. 1 hive ice-bucket, bar runners and tent cards.


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